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We are a Christian family of ten living in rural Maine. Jennifer is a care-giver by trade and has worked many long hours running a family child care business from the home. She has spent the last ten years  homeschooling, blogging, making her own flour and home made bread, raising chickens, having babies and trusting the Lord for her fertility, working on our book, and learning about how to do things from a more natural approach. Serving the Lord beside her is one of Michael's greatest joys!

 Michael is an 18 year veteran of the Maine State Police. As full-time caregivers, and an essential employee of the State of Maine, we know the difficulties and struggles families go through to be happy and healthy while caring for the needs of others. All too often as first-responders, who put others' needs before their own, it can take its toll. Join us as we share the incredible power of essential oils that are helping us to regain our health, happiness, and financial freedom!

"Everything Essential For Me" 
is for YOU TOO!

If you have found this page then you are interested in learning more about the finest Essential Oils on the market today! We only use doTERRA CPTG Essential Oils. They are committed to growers around the world as well as to the strictest standards for purity! We safely use doTERRA Essential Oils on our smallest family members!

It's so easy to get started TODAY!

Follow these steps like we did!

1. We will send you a login to our sign up process and you will invest just $35 (this is a ONE TIME FEE) by purchasing an Introductory Essential Oil Packet when you check out OR choose an Enrollment Kit and you SAVE the $35!

2. Once you are at my sign up process, click JOIN AND SAVE and you will be able to designate which country to have your products shipped too. How cool is that?! We ship all over the world! Which is why I LOVE this company! Even my cousin can serve as a missionary in Japan and still get her doTERRA products while building her business!

3. After designating which country you are shipping to, you'll need to choose WHOLESALE PRICES (because who wants to pay retail, right?!) Be sure you have decided if you would prefer to be only a WHOLESALE CUSTOMER OR A WELLNESS ADVOCATE (with the option to sell the oils and ear commissions).

4. The "Enroller" and "Sponsor" ID boxes should automatically be filled in. If not, simply enter 1127637  in both boxes so you can be sure that you are enrolling with me so I can support you!

5. Fill in your information. 

6. Select a Time Zone and your password so you can come back and order again and again!

7.Don't forget to click AGREE to the Terms and Conditions.

8. Select your first order! This can be either the simple $35 enrollment order (Introductory Essential Oil Packet) plus any products you want to start with or here is where you pick an Enrollment Kit. (It's hard to decide, I know! Click on over to Enrollment Kits to learn more!)
The best starter kit is the Natural Solutions Kit because not only does it come with a FREE amazing diffuser (believe me, you'll want to own one for FREE, because you're going to eventually want one in EVERY ROOM!) but this kit also gives you $100 in FREE product credit not to mention you are getting about $150 in FREE product because the kit is bundled to save you money!

9. Set up your OPTIONAL LOYALTY REWARDS! Now this "autoship" program is WAY more than an autoship club. It's more like an "Oil of the Month club" meets frequent flier, meets autoship, meets up to 55% back on products!

10. That's it! Sit back and wait for your oils to arrive! While you are waiting definitely check out my Facebook page and I will contact you with other links to get you started on best ways to use your essential oils and how to find support for your health-NATURALLY!



I can't wait to welcome you to my team of wholesale customers and wellness advocates! Hop on over to our Facebook group and introduce yourself once your order is placed!

Then read this blog post for details on how to begin building your very own business!

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