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Essentially Pregnant!


Yes it's true! We are expecting baby number 8 in December! We are very excited to welcome this new life into our family and I am particularly excited to welcome this baby as my first essential oil baby! 

An essential oil baby? Yes, an essential oil baby! 

But what exactly are essential oils?
Glad you asked!
Essential oils are highly concentrated extracts that are naturally found and distilled from different parts of a plant, including leaves, flowers, twigs, bark, peel, and roots. A plant has oil sacks in these various parts which help to protect it from disease--and we can receive the same benefits!!

But wait? You read somewhere on the internet that essential oils are not safe for pregnant women? I am here to share that Essential Oils ARE safe for use during pregnancy. **ALWAYS, talk to your doctor about using essential oils in pregnancy before applying or ingesting them. I am not a medical professional and make no claims to cure, prevent, or treat disease.**

I will go over the oils recommended for typical pregnancy related issues, childbirth concerns, and lastly postpartum care with essential oils. When I teach this class I will typically pass around each oil for the attendees to experience as I discuss them. You'll just have pictures to view, or you'll have to book your own class to experience the oils yourself!



Digestive Blend or Peppermint- To restore normal balance in the digestive system. If you can tolerate the taste, a dab on the tongue can help relieve nausea. You can also put 2 drops in an empty gel capsule and swallow, or use Digestive Blend's gel caps. You can also diffuse it into the air or rub on the stomach with a few drops of carrier oil like coconut oil.  I personally have found taking the Digestive Blend gel caps along with my Vitamins has helped with nausea as well as diffusing Peppermint and even applying a touch to the end of my nose to help fight nausea.

Respiratory Blend- 

To maintain clear sinuses and help alleviate respiratory issues. Run a few drops in a diffuser or rub one drop on your hand, cup your hands around your nose and mouth and inhale. you can also apply it directly to your chest.  I have really enjoyed Respiratory Blend in my diffuser each night. It opens my sinuses so I can sleep better.

Joyful blend or Grounding Blend-  To support a healthy mood, hormones and emotions. To help dispel worry and balance the ups and downs of your feelings, you can apply to your wrists or chest, or diffuse throughout the day.  I love to apply Grounding Blend in the morning and evening and Joyful Blend in the afternoon!

Massage Blend or Soothing Blend- To sustain and rejuvenate the muscles of the back or legs. Massage into any sore spots for natural pain relief and a cooling effect. I LOVE Soothing Blend! I love the new tube of Soothing Blend cream and sometimes add one drop of Soothing Blend Essential Oil to enhance the pain relief and cooling effect. 

Calming Blend, Lavender, Ylang Ylang, or Cedarwood-
To restore a good night's rest. Diffuse while sleeping, place a drop on your pillow, or rub on the bottom of the feet. Calming Blend and Lavender are my favorites for diffusing at night along with Breathe. I sleep much deeper and longer despite the pregnant hormones that rage and make my nose stuffy.

Helichrysum, Geranium, and Frankincense- Promote healthy skin as it stretches. Mix 3 drops of each and combine with 1 tsp. carrier oil like coconut oil. Rub on the abdomen or legs to maintain healthy skin. Apply 1-2 times a day. I'm looking forward to trying these oils as a blend and wish I had the in earlier pregnancies!

Tension Blend or Soothing Blend- Relieve tension and rejuvenate tight muscles. Rub on the shoulders, neck, or low back for cooling and relaxing effect. Like I said above, I LOVE my Soothing Blend rub and essential oil! It creates such a calming, cooling effect, relieving pain and tension.


Grounding Blend- Grounds and balances emotions. Diffuse or rub on the wrists. While I have to deliver my babies by c-section, I will be bringing my Grounding Blend to diffuse in the air after my delivery!

Citrus Blend, Wild Orange or Peppermint- Invigorates and sustains energy. Diffuse or rub on wrists.

Clary Sage- Great for enhancing uterine contractions (only to be used once labor begins, NOT to induce labor.)

Postpartum Care

Monthly Blend for Women Blend- To aid in hormonal recovery. Rub on reflex points on the feet and ankles. I'm really looking forward to bringing this blend with me to use after surgery. 

Lavender and Geranium- To soothe the perineal area. Either make a spritz and spray on the area or create a mixture of 10 drops to 2 cups water and soak pads, then freeze to offer a cold effect.

Massage Blend and Helichrysum- Restore healthy function in the veins of the anus and rectum. This combo of essential oils are perfect for a cooling relief and rejuvenating the sensitive tissue of the anus and rectum. Mix 5 drops of each with 1 tsp. carrier oil like coconut oil. Apply as needed.

Lavender and Helichrysum- Improve nipple health. Rub on nipples between feedings, but wash off with coconut oil then a gentle soap before feeding.

Basil or Fennel- To improve and regulate milk supply. Rub a drop around the breasts, avoiding the nipple.

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